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Plantronics Trademark Usage Guidelines


Plantronics trademarks are among our company’s most important and valuable assets.

As one of the most established brands in audio communications, Plantronics has strong recognition in the minds of its customers. Because Plantronics is a trademark that provides value and credibility for all our offerings, we must be careful to use it, as well as all other Plantronics trademarks, consistently and correctly. Plantronics trademarks serve not only as a calling card in the marketplace by identifying Plantronics and its products, but also as a guarantee of the high quality customers associate with Plantronics. 

To preserve its reputation and protect its brand, Plantronics must guard against any misuse of its trademarks. While we acknowledge the need for third parties affiliated with Plantronics to use our assets in marketing, Plantronics trademarks must be used in accordance with these guidelines. In following them, you help us protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen our brand identity.

Use of the Plantronics logo is limited to Plantronics and its authorized licensees; all licensees must use the logo in accordance with the Plantronics Logo Usage Guidelines for Third Parties (see link to PDF at the bottom of this page).

Obtain permission to use Plantronics brand assets, including logos and images, here.


When using the Plantronics corporate trademark, include the ® symbol with the first and most prominent use of the trademark: Plantronics®.  For all other Plantronics trademarks—for products, services, and technologies—it is not necessary to include a trademark symbol.

Whenever Plantronics trademarks are used, a trademark attribution statement must be included to properly assign ownership. The statement should read:

“[Alphabetic list of Plantronics marks used] are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc.”

The following rules will help you avoid unauthorized and incorrect use of Plantronics trademarks:

Do not use Plantronics trademarks as nouns; always use them as adjectives, modifying nouns. For example:

Correct: The Voyager Legend headsets will be shipped today.
Incorrect: The Voyager Legends will be shipped today.

Do not use Plantronics trademarks in a possessive or plural form.

Do not combine Plantronics trademarks with other words or symbols, using a hyphen or otherwise.

Do not translate Plantronics trademarks into languages other than English or use them in wordplay, puns, jokes, or in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, or harm the reputation of Plantronics.

Do not use Plantronics trademarks more prominently than your business name on any materials such as brochures, company letterhead, or Web sites.

Do not use the corporate Plantronics trademark on your business cards.

Do not include Plantronics trademarks or terms similar to Plantronics trademarks as part of your company name, product name, or in a domain name registration.

Do not use a Plantronics trademark in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, service, technology, or other offering.

Do not copy or imitate the Plantronics trade dress, which is the "look and feel" of Plantronics packaging, logos, and Web site.


Contact Renee Collacino, Trademark Manager, at (831) 458-7346 or email trademark-related questions to

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