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In the meantime you could try this: day 10 hours ago
Hi Jason, please send us a DM and we will get back to you within normal support hours M-F! Cheers!-1 day 10 hours ago
"#BackBeat500 excels in places where some higher-priced options fall short." - Learn More  … days 8 hours ago
3/3 Please feel free to Direct Message us if you require assistance or if you have any questions!-2 days 11 hours ago
2/ using your headset you can request a replacement after creating an account and registering your unit: days 11 hours ago
1/ Sorry to hear that! Normal wear and tear shouldn't affect your headset's performance, however, if this causes discomfort when-2 days 11 hours ago
Unfortunately that is not information that we are able to provide, please contact the insurance seller for confirmation!-3 days 10 hours ago
2/ and the required Bluetooth profiles (HSP for calls and A2DP for stereo media) it should work, but we cannot guarantee so.-3 days 11 hours ago
1/ Bluetooth headsets are universally compatible with devices that support them. As long as that device supports audio streaming-3 days 11 hours ago
You're going places. #BackBeat500 gives you freedom to listen throughout your day with up to 18 hours on a single.… days 12 hours ago


Carey Anne King
Hi, This link mentions including the stabilizer's however the images do not include an image of the stabilizers only the ear plugs. Can you please confirm they do come with these please. Many thanks. See link -
Spare Eartips and Stabilizers for BackBeat GO 2 | Plantronics
about 1 day 4 hours ago
"Although they're more budget-friendly than many of the headphones I've tried, this pair excels in places where some higher-priced options fall short." - Business Insider — Products shown: BackBeat 500 Series.
These Bluetooth headphones have features you won’t find on more expensive pairs
about 2 days 8 hours ago

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